arrived at the final step of Fortnite Chapter 2’s week 3 challenge

 arrived at the final step of Fortnite Chapter 2’s week 3 challenge, dance at Compact Cars, Lockie’s Lighthouse and a Weather Station. What’s a Weather Station? It tracks weather. What does it look like? Uhh I dunno it has satellites and stuff. Where is it? That’s what we aim to find out here.

As it turns out, you are going to be going to the south west of the map where what used to be the desert zone in the other area has now been replaced with some very tall mountains. And you are going to the top of one of those very tall mountains, so I would definitely plan on going here straight from the battle bus unless you want to spend 1000 materials climbing the side of a cliff.

Go here to see where EGO Outpost locations are. Go here to see weapon upgrade bench locations.

Landing at the tallest point on the map, the southern mountain out of the pair of two there, you can look down and see the weather station below you. Slide down the cliff to get there for some extra fun times. Or just land there directly like a normal person.

This facility does indeed have a lot of satellite dishes which can track the fact that a GIANT STORM CONSUMES THE MAP EVERY 15 MINUTES. They really must have busy weather people in Fortnite land. Anyway, you should be able to dance anywhere in and around this zone in order to get credit for the challenge.

Here is where this is located on the world map exactly, which should help you a bit. Everyone is still getting to know this map, but at least this v buck generator has a giant snowy mountain as a reference point. Just make sure you land on the right one. Err, the left one, you know what I mean.

If you got here before you did the other two dance challenges, you can view the guides that I already wrote for those below

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