Epic Games issues V-Bucks ALERT on Battle Pass launch day

Fortnite’s” unprecedented surge in popularity is staggering. Epic Games, the maker of “Fortnite,” is reportedly making around $300 million a month from the game, thanks in large part to its in-game purchases. So far, Epic has already made over a billion dollars since “Fortnite’s” launch. Wow!

The game is definitely big business right now and, as usual, scammers are looking to capitalize on “Fortnite’s” massive popularity. With assorted scams, fraudsters are creating fake websites and services to lure “Fortnite” players into giving away their account details and financial information!

If your kids or grandkids play “Fortnite,” you really need to know what’s going on.

Read on and I’ll tell you what to watch out for and what you can do to protect your “Fortnite” accounts.

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Scam ‘Fortnite’ websites are spreading


Online security firm ZeroFOX has revealed that in just a month’s time, from early September to early October, its system has generated over 53,000 alerts linked to “Fortnite” scams.

Where are these scams coming from? Here’s the breakdown of the alerts – 86% came from social media, 11% from websites and around 2% from YouTube.

These scam services and sites are reportedly targeting young players by offering free or discounted V-Bucks, “Fortnite’s” virtual money. Note: V-bucks are used in the game to purchase items and skins to alter a player’s look.

The problem? These are classic phishing scams designed to steal your login credentials and cash.

What exactly is ‘Fortnite’?

Released in July 2017, “Fortnite” quickly became one of the most widely played video games around, currently boasting around a whopping 125 million players globally. It’s available to play on multiple platforms like the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Windows, Mac OS and iOS.

The original “v buck generator” is a third-person shooting game set in a post-apocalyptic earth where players are forced to build their own shelters and protect themselves from zombies.

However, the more popular version is “Fortnite’s Battle Royale Mode,” where 100 players virtually battle to the death to become the sole survivor. Parents be forewarned, “Fortnite Battle Royale” is a rather violent mode and there are even numerous reports of pedophiles trying to speak with young children through the game.

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