Fortnite Ninja-Hunting

A young player streamed himself trying to stream snipe Ninja, and today it’s being touted around social media as a rather funny failure, though it’s illuminating about the practice in general. Stream sniping is when players see a streamer playing an online game and then try to queue at the same time to match into their game. In Fortnite, if you manage to do this, that means you know exactly where that streamer is at all times, what’s in their inventory, and even their current strategies if they’re talking about that on stream.

In the video, a kid jumps into a plane and is told by his friends exactly where to find Ninja, so he makes a beeline straight for him. After failing to kill him with the plane, the kid bails and gets into a close range shotgun/SMG battle which he ultimately loses. You can see the video below, which has his POV and Ninja’s in the first two minutes or so, the rest is just filler.

Even though this is being touted as a failure, the kid actually does almost kill Ninja, at one point leaving him with practically no HP. The problem with stream sniping is that it’s often not enough to know where your enemy is, you still have to outplay them when you get there, and going up against many of these pros, that is no easy feat.

I found this story interesting because it’s a rare, very public look at things from the stream sniper’s point of view. There’s a reason you don’t usually see that POV because…stream sniping is against Twitch’s rules, and this kid has had his account banned in the wake of this free v bucks no human verification .

But the footage also shows why people do this. There are probably a lot of kids doing exactly this kind of thing every day just to have the chance to interact with their favorite streamers, even if it is trolling them in-game and attempting to murder them. The kid is practically shaking from excitement in the video due to the fact that he’s actually fighting Ninja himself. It’s like someone running onto the court in an NBA game to try to dunk on Lebron when he isn’t looking (and getting immediately rejected and ejected).

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