Fortnite players can play with and against each other no matter the platform

Epic Games is far from done with Fortnite. The publisher is bringing the ultra-popular battle royale to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X as a launch title for both consoles later this year. What’s more, it plans to migrate Fortnite to the impressive Unreal Engine 5 in mid-2021, which should enhance the game’s visuals and greatly expand its capabilities.

Given that all current Fortnite players can play with and against each other no matter the platform they’re on, it seems likely that the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions will have cross-platform capabilities too. In fact, Epic has doubled down on its cross-play vision.

It just released the Epic Online Services toolkit, which allows developers of PC, Mac and console titles to enable cross-platform experiences across all game engines, stores and account services. Android and iOS support is coming soon. The company announced the free software development kit in late 2018.

Cross-platform play has been a key factor in the success of Fortnite v bucks generator. Epic announced last week that the title now has more than 350 million registered players.

According to Reddit, the tokens are currently in beta and it will be under the testing mode through summer 2020. Reddit said that “the smart contracts and mobile apps have been reviewed and audited by Trail of Bits, an independent security firm with blockchain expertise.”
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