The Baller vehicle has been added to Fortnite in the latest v8.10 update

The Baller vehicle has been added to Fortnite in the latest v8.10 update, complete with its own grappling hook and boost functionality to pull yourself up cliffs or swing from trees.

Vending Machines have also changed, dispensing one weapon or item before disappearing completely.

The Getaway LTM is also coming to Fortnite, where players will have to race to find a Jewel and take it to a getaway van before everyone else to win the match.

The Gauntlet Solo and Duo test events will run for another day on March 19. A new Tournament, Scallywag Duos Cup will run on March 16 and 17 for a $100,000 prize.

Two new exotic islands have been added to Creative as well as the Wooden Lodge theme. You can also now change the rules for your private island and set up advanced PvP games.

The number of player islands on a server has been reduced to eight players, so bigger islands can now be built.

Save the World sees the Outlander return and a new Test the Limits Beta Storm.

Fortnite: Battle Royale

Weapons and items

  • Baller
  • This single seat vehicle is found at Expedition Outposts and around pirate camp loot stashes
  • Use the attached Grappler and Boost functionality to pull yourself up cliffs or swing through the trees
  • The driver is protected from damage, but The Baller is vulnerable to enemy weapon fire.
  • 300 Health
  • Infantry Rifle
  • Removed Common rarity
  • Heavy Assault Rifle
  • Adjusted rarity from Rare/Epic/Legendary to Common/Uncommon/Rare
  • Base damage scaling for Common/Uncommon/Rare 36/38/40
  • Clingers
  • Reduced max stack size from 10 to 6.
  • Vending Machines
  • Removed the material cost.
  • Each Vending Machine will be destroyed after claiming an item.
  • Common and Uncommon Vending Machines have been removed.
  • Removed Mounted Turret from Legendary Vending Machine
  • Reduced availability of Treasure Maps from floor loot .53% to .27%.
  • Reduced availability of Treasure Maps from chest loot 3.25% to 1.65%.
  • Fixed rocket smoke trails disappearing instantly on explosion.
  • Fixed an issue where the popping audio for Balloons would continue to play free v bucks generator after using Balloons to get to max build height while using a vehicle.
  • Fixed an issue where Buried Treasure would not auto pickup when the Auto Pickup Weapons setting was enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where Buried Treasure chests could be placed on the Starting Island.
  • Fixed an issue where using an Impulse Grenade or a Shockwave Grenade while jumping on a Hoverboard causes the player to rapidly rotate.


  • Battle Royale Crossplay Matchmaking
  • Combined Xbox One and PS4 pools.
  • This requires you to opt-in to cross-play.
  • Players opt-ing out are restricted to Creative Mode and Playgrounds.
  • Combined Mobile and Switch pools.
  • Before, Switch players were combined with Xbox One and PS4 cross-play parties.
  • We expect an on-average better per-game experience for both Mobile and Switch players.
  • Motivating factor is unlocking optimization potential allowing us to run more playlists during more hours of the day while supporting more data center locations. Please provide us with feedback on your experience!
  • Reduced infinite dab duration from 12 hours to 11 hours in the front end
  • Just kidding, Increased Infinite dab duration from 12 hours to 13 hours in the front end
  • Elimination credit is now awarded to last damager in cases of logging out, self-elimination, and eliminations due to Storm damage. Current threshold timer is 15 seconds.
  • Added visual effects for the siphon on elimination.
  • Players can now build as soon as they impact anything after being launched by a Pirate Cannon
  • Players can dance while holding a balloon
  • Added Pirate Cannon’s audio visualizer HUD icon to be a cannon.
  • Players automatically enter the driver seat when entering an empty vehicle.
  • Added custom consume animations for the following items:
  • Bandages
  • Medkit
  • Small Shield Potion
  • Shield Potion
  • Slurp Juice
  • Chug Jug

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