the entire 2019 E-Sport season, $ 100 million in prize money is available from Epic alone

pros are just dissatisfied with Fortnite: Battle Royale – and the start of the World Cup by 30 million US dollars. One of the best players in the world believes that many will pause after the World Cup and their prizes.

That’s the problem: a few changes over the past few days and weeks are making things hard for professional players. Add to this the timing of the developer Epic with the patches, which is often criticized.

Big changes come just before tournaments or important games. Since the professionals have to cope with the new content within a very short time. These changes have met with criticism and incomprehension for months:

Now the Fortnite World Cup is in the pipeline with a prize pool of $ 30 million . Fortnite remains true and changes the game shortly before.

“That’s just the crazy money!”

That’s what the Pro: Poach by Team Liquid is a professional Fortnite v bucks generator player and a fixture in the Fortnite scene that has consistently secured a good seat and prize money at tournaments.

On Twitter, he writes that Epic seems to be uninterested in community feedback. You would complain for months about the same drastic mistakes that are not resolved.

“I do not know anybody who is playing the game competitively on a high level and really enjoys it. Everyone plays only because of the crazy high prize money. I think a lot of the pro scene will go after the World Cup. “



I can’t think of anyone who is truly playing competitively at a high level who truly enjoys playing the game currently, everyone is just playing because of the absurd amount of money. I think after the world cup a large chunk of the pro scene will be stepping away.

Poach himself would also be one of those players who will at least spend less time with Fortnite after the World Cup.

How much money is there? Epic reportedly earned $ 3 billion in revenue from Fortnite in 2018. This is now generous:

  • this week starts the first week of qualification for the World Cup – it’s about 1 million US dollars in prize money
  • a total of $ 30 million will be distributed during the World Cup
  • For the entire 2019 E-Sport season, $ 100 million in prize money is available from Epic alone

In addition, streamers in the past have had the opportunity to benefit greatly from Fortnite.

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What are the problems in Fortnite?

Changes to Kills: A few weeks ago, Epic introduced a feature that rewarded players with life and shield points when eliminating an opponent.

As a result, aggressive playing was preferred because one could again have full life after a kill and could gather resources. The game became even more aggressive and faster. Epic rowed back and removed the feature. Players are annoyed and want it back.

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