the slick golden fellow that we’ve been waiting for all season

It’s time for Midas, the slick golden fellow that we’ve been waiting for all season. He’s the ostensible head of this spy organization inside of Fortnite, headquartered at the Agency and rocking a slick vest. But if we want to complete his story, we will need to complete some challenges, as usual. Most of these are pretty straightforward, but some you might need some help for. I’m not entirely sure that this one falls into the latter category, but help is on the way regardless. Here’s a map, guide and location for where to grab a giant pink teddy bear in Risky Reels and carrying it 100 meters.

Finding these guys is no problem: there are four in total, and they’re sitting smack in the middle of Risky Reels. If you were wondering where Risky Reels is, it’s right where it always was:

So that’s all you need to do: go grab that teddy and run as far as you can.

This is the sort of challenge that’s going to be free v bucks generator aton of fun in the first hour or so after it goes live: you’re going to have a bunch of players going nuts, running with these things in every direction, trying to kill the person with the teddy, and just generally causing chaos in Risky Reels. If you want to see a good, or at least weird, time, I recommend completing this in solos as soon as possible. After that, things are going to ease up considerably, and you should be able to complete this in no time and then grab some chests for your trouble.

We’re nearly at the end of this thing now, or at least, the end of the normal season. This is going to be an extended thing, like the last season, likely due to complications stemming from Coronavirus. Video Games are not as badly affected as other parts of the economy, but retooling an robux generator entire development team to work from home is a massive project that has caused delays for all sorts of titles. Regardless, we’re going to have an extra month of this season now, hopefully with some challenges in there to keep us entertained while Epic works on season 3.