We’re another week deeper into Season 8 of Fortnite

The ostensible reason to clear as many challenges as you can is to level up your Battle Pass and unlock the new Season 8 rewards, but there’s an added incentive. If you finish all of the challenges from a given week, you’ll complete a related Discovery challenge, which will reward you with a special loading screen that contains a subtle clue pointing to a free Battle Star or Banner–depending on the week–hiding somewhere around the island.

Finish three full weekly sets of challenges in Season 8 and you’ll unlock the loading screen below. This one depicts Sidewinder, one of the new skins introduced this season, fleeing a trap-infested temple with a golden serpent artifact under her arm. Look on the back wall just beneath her right elbow, however, and you’ll spot the clue–an etching of a temple.


Your first inclination will likely be to head to Sunny Steps, where the new Aztec-like pyramids are located, but the clue is actually pointing to a smaller shrine to the south of the area and east of the massive volcano. You can see its exact location on the map below. Chart a course there at the beginning of a match, find the shrine, and the Battle Star will appear on free v bucks generator steps . Collect it then finish the match and your Battle Pass will level up by one tier.

If you need further help finding the hidden Battle Star, you can watch where we go to collect it in the video at the top of this guide. However, like usual, the Battle Star won’t appear in the game unless you’ve completed the required number of challenges and unlocked the above loading screen, so you can’t simply head to the right place and expect to find it if you haven’t put in the necessary work.

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