When does Season 11 of Fortnite start?

Epic Games has been teasing “The end is near” for weeks now, and it’s almost a reality. The live countdown in-game is ticking towards a time on Sunday when we expect the storyline of Season 10 to come to its conclusion. In the past, the start of new seasons typically occur on a Thursday, so gamers may have to wait a few more days before the official start of Season 11.

As for what’s happening during the live event, you can view a timer on top of a rocket in Dusty Depot. Epic Games has introduced The Visitor, or The Scientist, and we’re not entirely sure what he’s up to.

The Scientist has arrived, his mission is unclear. Complete the Meteoric Rise Mission to unlock the Secret Battle Pass Outfit!

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What we do know, is “the end is near” and this event will explain a lot of the odd map changes we witnessed throughout Season 10.

What time does the Fortnite live event start?
Date: Sunday, October 13
Time: 2 p.m. ET, 11 a.m. PT
Fortnite live event countdown timer

What will happen during the Fortnite live event?
At the end of Season 9 we saw an epic battle between a giant mech and the Polar Peak monster. That fight set up an interesting Season 10 where an orb in Loot Lake caused all sorts of problems to the map. Rift Zones appeared throughout various points on the map and changed the game completely.

We saw Neo Tilted become v buck generator Tilted Town which then became Gotham City. Dusty Divot became Dusty Depot, a meteor was on the map, the skeleton of Doggus remained, Retail Row came back infested with zombies and the indoor soccer stadium disappeared among several other changes.

SPOILERS: The live event will surely bring about much more change as leaks suggest a massive overhaul. Screenshots from the app store suggest Fortnite is calling Season 11 “Chapter 2” which suggests a brand new start to the game.

In the screenshots taken of the leak, we can see boats in the background, which would be a very interesting addition. The leak also shows a brand new map and new default skins.

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