When Fortnite first introduced vehicles, it did so in just about the most restrained way possible

when Fortnite first introduced vehicles, it did so in just about the most restrained way possible. We got a 2-person shopping cart, where one person could push and the other person could sit in the cart and shoot. Simple, efficient, not all that useful outside of stunts.  v buck generator A little under a year later and things are….different. We’re jetting across the map on hoverboards doing SSX-style tricks and we’re rolling around in brand-new grappler-enabled hamster balls. Fortnite’s new vehicle may not be quite as meta-defining as last season’s planes, but it’s got to be the weirdest thing we’ve seen yet in a game that once had a giant purple cube slapping its way across the map creating low-gravity spheres. But you’ll want to try the thing out for yourself, so here’s where you can go to find the new baller in Fortnite:



First off, don’t worry: there are plenty of ballers to go around. The above is not an exhaustive list, but it should be more than enough for you to get your hands on one. They spawn in force surrounding expedition outposts and pirate camps, both of which are spread around so that you won’t have a hard time picking one a little bit out of the way and securing your chance to swing around with plunger, rope, and ball. It’s a fun one: it doesn’t seem to be overpowered, but it also seems to have its place in late-game duels. Most importantly, it makes traversal actually fun as you mess around with trying to swing the thing in strange ways. That was one of the essential problems with the planes, which were awesome in concept but not that thrilling to fly, at the end of the day.

The baller is certainly a whole lot more useful than the pirate cannon, which is ostensibly a vehicle but mostly serves to make you a giant, wildly inaccurate target. I’m excited to see what people can do with it when it comes to Creative Mode islands: it’s easy to imagine insane aerial race courses that revolve around the grapple mechanic.

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